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(Solution) - Repeat Prob 9 133 using a compressor efficiency of 80 percent

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Repeat Prob. 9-133 using a compressor efficiency of 80 percent and a turbine efficiency of 85 percent.
Prob. 9-133
A turbojet aircraft is flying with a velocity of 280 m/s at an altitude of 9150 m, where the ambient conditions are 32 kPa and -32°C. The pressure ratio across the compressor is 12, and the temperature at the turbine inlet is 1100 K. Air enters the compressor at a rate of 50 kg/s, and the jet fuel has a heating value of 42,700 kJ/kg. Assuming ideal operation for all components and constant specific heats for air at room temperature, determine
(a) The velocity of the exhaust gases,
(b) The propulsive power developed, and
(c) The rate of fuel consumption.


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