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Problem 1.28 on page 15 describes a survey of 44 MBA students (stored in GradSurvey). For these data, at the 0.05 level of significance, is there evidence of a difference between males and females in age, undergraduate grade point average, graduate grade point average, expected salary upon graduation, spending on textbooks and supplies, text messages sent in a week, and the wealth needed to feel rich?
In problem 1.28
A sample of 44 graduate students answered the following survey:
1. What is your gender? Female ______ Male ______
2. What is your age (as of last birthday)? ______
3. What is your current major area of study?
Accounting ______
Economics/Finance ______
Management ______
Retailing/Marketing ______
Other ______ Undecided ______
4. What is your current graduate cumulative grade point average? ______
5. What was your undergraduate major?
Biological Sciences ______ Business ______
Computers ______
Engineering ______
Other ______
6. What was your undergraduate cumulative grade point average? ______
7. What is your current employment status?
Full time ______ Part time ______ Unemployed ______
8. How many different full-time jobs have you held in the past 10 years? ______
9. What do you expect your annual salary (in $000) to be immediately after completion of your graduate studies if you are employed full time? ______
10. About how much money did you spend this semester for textbooks and supplies? ______
11. How satisfied are you with the MBA program advisory services on campus?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Extremely Neutral Extremely unsatisfied satisfied
12. What type of computer do you prefer to use for your studies?
Desktop ______ Laptop ______ Tablet/notebook/ netbook ______
13. How many text messages do you send in a typical week? ______
14. How much wealth (income, savings, investment, real estate, and other assets) would you have to accumulate (in millions of dollars) before you would say you are rich? ______
a. Which variables in the survey are categorical?
b. Which variables in the survey are numerical?
c. Which variables are discrete numerical variables?
The results of the survey are stored in GradSurvey


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