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9.28      The manufacturer of an airport baggage scanning machine claims it can handle an average of 530 bags per hour. At ? = .05 in a left-tailed test, would a sample of 16 randomly chosen hours with a mean of 510 and a standard deviation of 50 indicate that the manufacturer?s claim is overstated?

9.29      The manufacturer of Glo-More flat white interior latex paint claims one-coat coverage of 400 square feet per gallon on interior walls. A painter keeps careful track of 6 gallons and finds coverage (in square feet) of 360, 410, 380, 360, 390, 400. (a) At ? = .10 does this evidence contradict the claim? State your hypotheses and decision rule. (b) Is this conclusion sensitive to the choice of ?? (c) Use Excel to find the p-value. Interpret it. (d) Discuss the distinction between importance and signifi- cance in this example. Paint



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