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Compare Historical Cost, Net Book Value to Gross Book Value

The Caribbean Division of Mega-Entertainment Corporation just started operations. It purchased depreciable assets costing $30 million and having a four-year expected life, after which the assets can be salvaged for $6 million. In addition, the division has $30 million in assets that are not depreciable. After four years, the division will have $30 million available from these non-depreciable assets. This means that the division has invested $60 million in assets with a salvage value of $36 million. Annual depreciation is $6 million. Annual operating cash flows are $15 million. In computing ROI, this division uses end-of-year asset values in the denominator. Depreciation is computed on a straight-line basis, recognizing the salvage values noted. Ignore taxes.


a. Compute ROI, using net book value for each year.

b. Compute ROI, using gross book value for each year.


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