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python program: For this week's practice assignment, I'd like you to write a Python function that uses try...except and if...elif...else. For an example of how to structure your code, see slide #10 from the instructor-made slide deck (Exception Handling Example). Your code can be saved as a .py file named Your main method should get the user input and store this data in variables. You will need the user to provide you with 3 numbers: value1, value2, and menuChoice Your calculate function should take 3 parameters (obtained via user input from main). For example, your function could be defined as follows: def calculate(value1, value2, menuChoice): Based on the menu option chosen (you will have to include instructions either in main or in an "instructions" function that is called by main), your calculate program will either multiply, divide, add, or subtract value1 and value2. You will need to check for the following: 1. Valid input. 2. division by zero (an error)


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