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(Solution Download) 3/71 An overhead view of a car is shown in the ?gure. Two different locations C and D are...

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3/71 An overhead view of a car is shown in the ?gure. Two different locations C and D are considered for a single jack. In each case, the entire right side of the car is lifted just off the ground. Determine the nor- mal reaction forces at A and B and the vertical jack- ing force required for the case of each jacking location. Consider the 1600-kg car to be rigid. The mass center G is on the midline of the car.Problem 3/72


3/73 The light right-angle boom which supports the 400- kg cylinder is supported by three cables and a ball- and-socket joint at O attached to the vertical x-y surface. Determine the reactions at O and the cable tensions.




A                                        B



G                                    1575 mm





C       D


mm      280     mm

mm                                                                                                                                                       x


Problem  3/71                                                                                              z






Problem 3/73



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