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1. The potential energy of a girder, after being lifted to the top of a building, is 5.17 x 105 ft lb. If its mass is 173 slugs, how high is the girder?
2. A 30.0-g bullet is fired from a gun and possesses 1750 J of kinetic energy. Find its velocity.
3. The Hoover Dam is 726 ft high. Find the potential energy of 1.00 million ft3 of water at the top of the dam. (1 ft3 of water weighs 62.4 lb.)
4. A 250-kg part falls from a plane and hits the ground at 150 km/h. Find its kinetic energy.
5. A meteorite is a solid composed of stone and/or metal material from outer space that passes through the atmosphere and hits the earth?s surface. Find the kinetic energy of a meteorite with mass 250 kg that hits the earth at 25 km/s.


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