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(Solution) - Do women respond to men s solicitations more readily during the

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Do women respond to men's solicitations more readily during the fertile phase of their menstrual cycles? In a study of this question, each of two hundred 18- to 25-year-old women who were walking alone in a city were approached by an attractive 20-year-old man who solicited the woman's telephone number. Previous research suggested that during the fertile phase of her menstrual cycle a woman would be more receptive to this kind of request than at other times. Of 60 women who were in the fertile phase of their cycles, 13 gave out their phone numbers and 47 refused. The corresponding numbers for the 140 women not in the fertile phase of their cycles were 1 I and 129. The data are summarized in the following table. Consider a chi-square test to determine whether the difference in success rates provides significant evidence in favor of an appropriate directional alternative.
Here is computer output for a chi-square test that used a non directional alternative.
X-squared = 7.585, df = 1, p-value = 0.0059
(a) State the null and appropriate directional alternative hypotheses in context.
(b) Compute the sample proportions and the expected frequencies.
(c) If ? = 0.02, what is your conclusion regarding H0?

Do women respond to men's solicitations more readily during the


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